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Web-based Applesoft BASIC and Apple Merlin Editors now available…

by paleotronic in Apple II 0

We’ve created two new web-based interfaces for our cyanIIde Apple II webassembly emulator! The first allows you to load and edit Applesoft BASIC programs using a CodeMirror-based editor with syntax highlighting and colon line separation. You can choose from a library of hundreds of BASIC programs, edit them, and then [more...]

microM8 3D Apple II Emulator For Windows, MacOS and LINUX

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turtleSpaces 3D Logo Interpreter

turtleSpaces is a new expanded implementation of LCSI Apple Logo II that features 3D OpenGL graphics, shapes, lights, cameras, location detection, multiple turtles and much, much more! Great for teaching kids how to code. Check it out at