• History

    The Portable Wars: Atari Lynx vs Nintendo Game Boy vs Sega Game Gear

    The 1990s saw the rise of handheld portable video-gaming, with the three dominant console manufacturers, Nintendo, Sega and Atari all coming out with their own take on gaming-on-the-go. Could Nintendo’s monochromatic Game Boy fend off its more colourful rivals? Paul Monopoli takes a head-to-head look at the Portable Wars… Video [more...]
  • Apple II

    Confessions of a Disk Cracker: the secrets of 4am.

    Why did you choose to start aggressively de-protecting, archiving and re-distributing Apple II software? It’s tempting to rewrite history and give myself some noble purpose for starting this hobby, but in this case the truth makes for a better story. My parents bought themselves an Apple //e when I was [more...]
  • Education

    Collector’s Corner: Care and Cleaning of CDs and Floppies

    First demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in 1982, the Compact Disc was an evolution of the optical LaserDisc format created by Philips and MCA. Philips partnered with Sony to develop the new disc, initially intended for digital audio storage. It met with steady success, eventually supplanting cassette and vinyl [more...]
  • Commodore

    The PETSCII files: Commodore Character Graphics

    Any computer that was going to use a command line interface desperately needed a character set, and despite their ultimate monstrous graphical capabilities, Commodore’s machines were no exception. As was usually the case (cf. SHARPSCII, ATASCII) they adopted a flavour of the venerable ASCII character set standard (oddly choosing this [more...]
In the Spotlight

The Magic of C.E.S.

by paleotronic in Features 0

The soothing sonata of chatter in the convention hall swelled to a crescendo of voices as people piled into the Paleotronic booth ahead of the 1983 Consumer Electronic Show’s umpteenth product announcement of the day — but hey, there was more free champagne to be drank, so the herd had happily (and somewhat drunkenly) moved on to here from the previous presentation once the last glass was empty. Besides, some of these were actually interesting; most weren’t, but some were, and Jan was just happy to be partying a bit on the company dime, instead of her daily grind of [more...]