Web-based Applesoft BASIC and Apple Merlin Editors now available…

We’ve created two new web-based interfaces for our cyanIIde Apple II webassembly emulator!

The first allows you to load and edit Applesoft BASIC programs using a CodeMirror-based editor with syntax highlighting and colon line separation.

You can choose from a library of hundreds of BASIC programs, edit them, and then download a bootable diskette containing the program to use in other emulators or on an Apple II using a disk drive emulator.

You can check out the Applesoft BASIC Editor here: https://paleotronic.com/applesoft/

The second allows you to create and edit Apple Merlin-based assembly language projects.

They are compiled using a server-based instance of Brutal Deluxe’s Merlin compiler. You can download a DSK image containing the compiled file for use elsewhere.

There is a Help link to the Merlin assembler reference manual. 

Check out the Merlin Assembler / Editor at https://paleotronic.com/merlin/

Apple II Forever!


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