Along with the standard Apple Logo commands (and full Apple Logo compatibility) microLogo features four additional functions: UP (tilt up from the turtle’s perspective), DN (tilt down), RL (roll left), RR (roll right).

With these four commands you can draw 3D models with the turtle, and then use the camera keys to rotate it!

The added SETPC command (eg setpc 5) allows you to set the pen colour. It takes a value from 0 to 15.

Logo: A Better Language for Learning

Logo (from the Greek Logos, meaning word or thought) is a computer programming language invented in 1967. A dialect of LISP (a “functional” language where programming is done using mathematical expressions or declarations instead of directives or statements like BASIC) Logo has a fully featured syntax that allows for a wide range of applications…but, let’s face it, the vast majority of Logo’s users have never progressed past the turtle.

Not that that’s a bad thing! Widely imitated by many of today’s “learn-to-code” products, the Logo turtle provided a straightforward, interactive introduction to computer programming similar to BASIC, but more visual and relatable by small children.

Perhaps the most famous version of Logo is Apple Logo, which quickly overtook BASIC as the learning language of choice in North American classrooms in the early 1980s. It essentially turned an Apple II into an electronic Spirograph, and students were entranced by the complexity of the patterns they could draw with just a few simple commands.