Containing interviews with luminaries such as Apple’s Steve Wozniak and Sinclair’s Richard Altwasser, features about important technological milestones such as the invention of television, and fun looks back at both greater and lesser-known consumer electronics, Paleotronic is your go-to source for both nostalgia and history.

Our first issue explored the history of the Consumer Electronics Show, profiling notable products that debuted there including the Commodore 64, Atari ST, Nintendo Entertainment System and many, many more. We also talked with Computer Chronicles host and producer Stewart Cheifet about CES. It’s 120 pages of pure retro!

Our second issue examined all things video – television’s history (both mechanical and all-electronic), early computer graphics and video-games including Spacewar, Computer Space and Pong – there’s even plans for a build-your-own Pong machine!

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