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microM8 not only provides solid emulation of 8-bit systems such as the Apple II, but also redefines retro-computing with ‘upcycling’ features such as 3D and HD graphics rendering, user-movable camera views, PVR-style session recording with “live rewind” (the only publicly-available Apple II emulator that can do this!), an integrated cloud-based disk library, compatible BASIC and LOGO interpreters re-written in native Go which provide additional command sets and user-interface enhancements, local network and internet-based screen sharing, and more! Our first supported platforms are the 64k Apple II+ and the unenhanced and enhanced 128k Apple IIe with Mockingboard and CP/M cards, and there are builds for Windows, macOS and Linux. Also, microM8 is free!

microM8 expands traditional Apple II emulation with features such as colour text and graphic symbols, enhanced BASIC and LOGO interpreters, 3D voxel rendering and more

The next generation of emulators, microM8 hopes to encourage learning and creativity by eliminating barriers present in traditional emulators, and by providing incentives for our users to collaborate and code. We believe that fostering a good understanding of the roots of modern technology is critical to the development of our future IT professionals, and microM8 is intended to (eventually) do just that:

* Discover a wealth of Apple II software (in DSK, PO, DO, WOZ, NIB, 2MG, and HDV formats) in an easy-to-navigate environment.
* Learn to code in pioneering educational languages (Applesoft BASIC, LOGO, 6502 Assembler) with features such as editors and a reverse-debugger.
* Write new programs or enhance classic ones with parallel-tasking control programs, and modern functions and commands such as 3D graphics modes and camera movement.
* Play both classic and modern styled, retro-inspired games with new friends on-line or over your local network.
* Create 8-bit graphics and music; interact / collaborate with others; and share (in future releases).
* Designed with modern youth in mind, with special attention given to aesthetics and usability.
* Other improvements include custom fonts, backdrops, overlays, the ability to change colours, add music and more to modernise vintage gameplay.

But microM8 is also a solid Apple II emulator with all the common features you would expect, such as:

  • Play a wide variety of Apple II games, including DHGR games
  • Analog USB game pad and mouse-based joystick / paddle control
  • Monochrome tint modes and variable scanlining controls
  • ‘Freeze’ and ‘thaw’ a running machine state to restore later
  • Full-screen  and windowed modes rendered in high-definition using OpenGL in both raster and voxel styles
  • Colour Epson FX-80 printer emulation, virtual modem (for calling Internet-based BBSes) and (experimental) mouse support
  • Mockingboard sound card emulation, including the ability to record and play back music
  • Debug Apple II programs using a browser-based time-warping ‘reverse debugger
  • 6502, 65C02 and Z80 (CP/M) CPU support
  • microM8 is 100% free!

With its fusion of classic emulation and modern video rendering, microM8 is a “fantasy console” with its roots firmly grounded in history! (The Apple II meets PICO-8)

Download microM8 for macOS, Windows or Linux