diskM8 is an open source cross-platform command-line tool for manipulating and managing Apple II DSK (and other) images.

Features include:

– Read from ProDOS, DOS 3.X, RDOS and Pascal disk images;

– ProDOS or DOS ordered; 2MG and NIB; 113-800K

– Write to Prodos and DOS 3.3 disk images;

– Extract and convert binary, text and detokenize BASIC files (Integer and Applesoft);

– Write binary, text and retokenized BASIC (Applesoft) files back to disk images;

– Copy and move files between disk images; delete files, create new folders (ProDOS), etc;

– Generate disk reports that provide track and sector information, text extraction and more;

– Use command-line flags for automation or an interactive shell;

– Compare multiple disks to determine duplication, or search disks for text or filenames.

– Builds for MacOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Raspberry Pi.

– GPLv3 licensed open source.

Download binaries from https://github.com/paleotronic/diskm8/releases