microM8 Update: Super Hi-Res (SHR) support

See 4096 colours on an Apple IIe emulator

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John Brooks’ VidHD video card for the Apple II renders Apple II graphics in 1080p, but it also allows the Apple IIe to use the Apple IIGS’s colour-indexed Super High-Resolution modes (320×200 and 640×200). So since you can (with a VidHD) use SHR modes on a IIe, we thought it would be cool to implement it in microM8, in case anyone wanted to use an emulator as part of a development pipeline for new 8-bit SHR programs. The update that has SHR is available now.

But what about now? Luckily, Bill Buckels was ahead of the curve on this one, and had already developed an 8-bit SHR image viewer and a demonstration program. You can find SHR slideshows in /appleii/disk images/2mg_hdv/shrslideshows/ and the demo is in /appleii/disk images/demos/shrworld.dsk

Also, you can use SHR in microBASIC! The 320×200 mode is available by using the HGR5 command, and the 640×200 mode via HGR6 (HGR3 and 4 are double hi-res). You can use the Applesoft BASIC HCOLOR= and HPLOT commands, Applesoft BASIC shapes plus a host of graphical @functions.

Not only is there @draw.box{x1,y1,x2,y2,color} but also @draw.circle, @draw.poly and @draw.arc. There’s also @fill.box, @fill.circle and @fill.poly. You can also use @image.draw{“/path/to/file.png”(,gamma,render method 0-8)} to render a PNG image on to any HGR1-6 screen. So a few things to play with.

And these are not all the video modes we added… ;) Post to follow.

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