Paleotronic Magazine examines the evolution and culture of electronics and computers through a retro-inspired yet modern-styled format; paired with microM8, an emulation platform for learning computer science and coding skills while exploring computing history, they make a perfect team for both education and nostalgia, for teens and adults!

Electronics are everywhere and in almost everything these days, involved with practically every facet of our daily lives, from work to leisure to today’s culture.

Paleotronic Magazine celebrates the innovations that got us here by exploring the ways in which they forged our modern world, through their origins, what they did and what they became.

We’ll examine how things work now from the perspective of how they worked then, exploiting the simplicity of early devices and programming languages to impart a greater understanding of current technologies in fields such as electronics engineering, software development and design.

We’re going to have fun too, revisiting classic video games and vintage toys, digging into underground geek and hacker scenes, and experiencing electronically-connected films, novels, television programs and music.

We’ll also cover the present-day retro-technology niche, highlighting its influence on today’s popular culture, and show you how you can engage with it by starting your own electronics-based projects, creating retro themed music, literature or art, collecting and restoring computers, consoles or other equipment, or developing your own retro-inspired video games.

Paleotronic Magazine is your ticket to travel both back into the past and journey into the future.

Make sure you come along with us.