Issue 2 has been released!

A Celebration of the CRT

Our second issue delves into all things CRT, exploring the history of the cathode-ray tube, the birth of television, early computer and video-game graphics and so much more. The digital edition weighs in at a hefty 150 pages!

Table of Contents:

FEATURE PRESENTATION - “Picture Perfect”: A farm boy from Idaho faces off with the King of Radio in the race for television.
GADGET GRAVEYARD - But before Farnsworth and Sarnoff, Scotsman John Logie Baird explored another way to TV, a mechanical one.
RADIO WAVES - Getting television signals from here to there.
POPPED CULTURE - Early science-fiction TV programs – and Tron.
ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE - Lounge room TVs through the years.
CRYSTAL BALL - Visions of TV’s future from the past.
ARCADE RATS - Spacewar: From the Laboratory to the Arcade.
ANCIENT TONGUES - Have a blast playing 2-player Logo Spacewar!
LOADING READY RUN - The ingenious and quirky ZX Spectrum.
DIAL-UP CHAT - An interview with the legendary Richard Altwasser.
PIXEL PLAYAS - No Software Required: Computer Space and Pong.
THE BARD’S INN - Ultima! Early graphical role-playing games.
NO CARRIER - BBC Ceefax: the first Teletext information service.
CHIP TO BE SQUARE - The Noise Channel: The AY-3-8910.
ELECTRONIC MUSIC – An Australian Story: The Fairlight CMI
POINT AND CLICK - Welcome to Macintosh: Enter the GUI.
WOMEN IN TECH - Rosie the Riveter becomes Tracy the TV assembler.
GEEK UNDERGROUND - PayTV Scrambling: Captain Midnight vs. HBO.
THE ART SCENE – Prolific Teletext artist Horsenburger talks textart.
THE TOY STORE - Shooting the TV: Not like Elvis, but with light guns.
THE ARCHIVIST - Erasing the Tapes: Lost television episodes.
COLLECTOR’S CORNER - Danger WIll Robinson: Beware the CRT!
EMULATION STATION - Emulating the Tube: Raster on the LCD.
HAMATEUR HOUR - Slow Scan TV: Super long-range television.
HEAVY DUTY - Electronics at War: “C”-ing radar with the CRT.
ELECTRONS IN MOTION - Cathode-ray tube flight displays.
THE BUSINESS - Who’s Going to Pay? Television advertising.
THE PRO SHOP - The Cardioscope: Watching the Heart.
THE BREADBOARD - Pong: or How I Learned to Love Getting Paddled.
ANDROID DREAMS - The Murder on Channel 4.
THE DEAD LETTER OFFICE – Computers on the TV.
FIDOMAIL - An early Apple II advertisement spawns commentary.
INTERESTING DEVELOPMENTS - OpenEmulator and Applesauce.
MICROM8 UPDATE – The latest features added to our emulator.
YESTERDAY’S NEWS - The Oregon Trail handheld game and more.
RETRO REVIEWS - C64 accessories: uCassette, SD2IEC, 4-player.
ON THE ROAD - Visiting the Australian Pinball Museum.
ATTACK OF THE CLONES - FEO HAO Retro Game HD Genesis Clone.
BACK IN THE DAY – 1977: The first West Coast Computer Faire.
THANK YOU - Special thanks to all of our generous supporters.
COMMUNITY CALENDAR - Updates and upcoming events.
THE BBS LIST - Internet Resources: Chat rooms, Facebook etc.
THE FUN ZONE - CRT Crossword, Word Search and Comics!
PARTING SHOT - “This brings to a close another broadcast day...”

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