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Welcome (back) to the 1980s!

Bitzah allows you to see the world through the eyes of your favourite retro computers and video-game consoles, including the NES, Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum.

Featuring a live pixel-camera, you can take still images (lossless PNG), 9-frame ping-pong and 16-frame looping GIFs, to make all kinds of unique pixel art.

You can also convert your existing images!



* LIVE Pixel-Cam! Wander in an 8-bit world.
* Several classic 8-bit pixel filter stylings including C64, VIC20, Atari 2600, Tandy, GameBoy and more.
* Capture still images or record one of two animated GIF stylings.
* Save to gallery or share with your friends.
* “Share” to Bitzah from inside your phone’s Gallery to convert your existing photos.
* Choose destination media (ie external sdcard or internal storage, etc.)


Bitzah starts in camera mode.
SWIPE left and right to change pixel styling.
TAP (or shutter button) to take a still image.
TAP and HOLD for a moment to shoot a Ping Pong GIF.
TAP and HOLD much longer to capture a Long Loop GIF.

Now that you’ve captured your image(s):
SWIPE left and right to change pixel stylings (if desired.)
TAP to bring up the Save / Share menu. Share your Bitzah with your friends!
PRESS the BACK key to discard the image(s) and return to the camera.

To use a photo from your phone’s Gallery / Album application, open a photo, then press the sharing icon, then select ‘See All…’ and choose Bitzah from the list. This feature doesn’t currently work on all phones though.

Enjoy Bitzah!

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