Run BBC BASIC… on the Apple II!

A new clever hack allows Apple II users to run BBC BASIC... and other BBC languages

The BBC Microcomputer made by Acorn UK apparently has a central API by which its language ROMs communicated with the hardware inside the computer. This means that by creating a series of shims, one can theoretically run languages such as BBC BASIC on another computer, such as the Apple II.

This is theoretical no more!

Thanks to the hard work of Bobbi Webber-Manners, you can now run BBC BASIC and other BBC languages on the Apple II. Here’s how:

Download APPLECORN.PO from the GitHub account here:

(There’s also a very comprehensive explanation there of how this all works!)

Once booted, you first need to type PREFIX,S6,D1

and then type BRUN APPLECORN

Graphics modes aren’t yet supported but all the program logic and text output appears to work fine. Have fun on your BBC Apple!


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