microLink is microM8’s built-in online service, intended to facilitate communication between microM8 users. It leverages microM8’s colour text and graphics character set, and its ability to ‘share’ emulation instances, to provide chat rooms, messaging forums and ‘multi-player’ emulators that are hosted on microM8’s servers. There’s also cloud file storage for registered users.After logging in (and creating an account, if required) users can access the currently available functions from the main microLink menu. The Forum offers a variety of message forums on a number of microM8-related and other topics.There are a number of chat rooms available for real-time discussion.Finally, there are ten ‘sandboxes’ emulators which can be communally operated by users. These currently have no automated management, so users need to work out communal operation on their own (however, automation is currently in development.) Users can play games together, teach and learn, or write code. Each sandbox has its own chat in order to facilitate communication.

Note: whichever ‘side’ (chat or emulator) your mouse cursor is over is the side your keyboard will interact with.