cyanIIde Web-Based Apple IIe Emulator

Emulate the Apple IIe computer on your own web pages

cyanIIde is a subset of our microM8 Apple II emulator meant to run on lower-power systems such as the Raspberry Pi and in the browser. This page contains an early release of the WebAssembly version.


You can see an example of cyanIIde in action at — our tribute to The Print Shop.

An example of the standalone player loading a Smartport volume:

An example of the standalone player loading a disk:

Add &disk2=disk2.dsk to the URL to insert a disk in the second drive.

cyanIIde currently supports floppy (DSK / PO / DO / NIB / WOZ), hard disk (2MG / HDV / PO), printer emulation, and paddles / joystick (either using the mouse or a connected joypad).

Unlike microM8, cyanIIde has cycle-accurate video rendering.

Mockingboard and Mouse support is coming soon!

Press control-backspace to soft reset, control-shift-backspace to hard reset.


You can download the standalone web player here:

You can download the web player with disk buttons (as below) here:

Either manually embed the html files into your site or use a WordPress iframe shortcode plugin to embed the cyaniide.html (or index.html in the case of the buttons example) into your page.

cyanIIde can be freely used for non-commercial purposes. 


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