Introducing turtleSpaces Logo – Apple Logo II Evolved

Teach kids to code the 1980s way but with 2020s production values

Meet Myrtle the turtle. She lives in turtleSpace

Some time ago, we wrote an Apple Logo II-compatible interpreter as a part of microM8, our (mainly) Apple II emulator, along with an Applesoft BASIC interpreter. We added some rudimentary 3D support to the Logo interpreter, because microM8 uses OpenGL for rendering, and became intrigued at the possibilities that conjured in our heads.

We thought there was some serious potential that an updated yet still ‘simple’ Logo environment might engage the kids of today the way it engaged kids 40 years ago. And so, about a year ago, we forked the Logo interpeter away from the emulator, and have been spending much of our time developing it.

It’s mostly stable enough not to be completely embarrassing to release, and so we’ve done that. Like microM8, it’s available for macOS, Linux and Windows, and you can download it from

Please check it out! We’ve included a library of examples, ranging from simple Logo drawings to simple 3D games. Theres (some) documentation available over on the turtleSpaces site.

Myrtle thanks you!


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