Issue 5 Update: Creative Computing

It turns out a few people can only do so much!

In order to free up some time to organise GORF, the release of issue 5 has been delayed until Q2 2019. In the meanwhile, here’s some of what we’re working on for the next issue:

ZERO PAGE – Zero plus one equals anything you can imagine: The irony of how the most concrete of mathematical concepts ultimately paved the road to unlimited creative freedom

CONTENTS – An Exhibition of Sight and Sound: Schedule of Spectacles

BACK IN THE DAY – The Fairy Tale of Princess Lorraine

FEATURE – The Amazing Artistic Amiga

DIAL-UP CHAT – DeluxePainters

THE ART SCENE – In the Hands of a Master: Andy Warhol and the Amiga

THE TECH (ART) CLASS – Drawing on the Computer: The Evolution of Digital Graphics Applications

GADGET GRAVEYARD – Light Pens and Plotters: Artwork In, Artwork Out

ANCIENT TONGUES – The Talented Turtle: Being Artistic with LOGO 

NO CARRIER – A Cast of Creative Characters: Make Your Own Text Art

PIXEL PLAYAS – Mario Paint: Painting with a Plumber

THE BUSINESS – Early Graphic Design: Playing Computers for Money

THE PRO SHOP – Get Serious with AutoCAD

HEAVY DUTY – How CAD helped Australia sail away with the America’s Cup.

POPPED CULTURE – Discs and Dragons – The Magic of Don Bluth

THE BARD’S INN – The Art of CD-ROM Games

ARCADE RATS – Arcade Machine: Turning the Player into a Creator

ELECTRONIC MUSIC – From the Laboratory to the Arcade: Computer Music

CHIP TO BE SQUARE – Getting to know SID

GEEK UNDERGROUND – The Rise of the Bedroom Composers

MICROM8 UPDATE – Making Music with microTracker

POINT AND CLICK – MIDI Maze: Turning Music into Mayhem

THE BREADBOARD – Build a MIDI interface for the Apple II

LOADING READY RUN – The Yamaha CX5M Music Computer

ELECTRONS IN MOTION – The Yamaha QY-10 Portable Sequencer

THE TOY STORE – Da Da Da – the Casio VL-Tone VL-1

RADIO WAVES – Back to the Beginning: The Age of Electronic Organs

ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE – Ready to Record: Cassette Tapes and the Dawn of the Demo

COLLECTORS’ CORNER – Broken Belts; and other Cassette Player Maladies

HAMATEUR HOUR – No Singing Allowed: Why Music is Banned on Amateur Radio

THE ARCHIVIST – Preserving Digital Art – What should we save?

CRYSTAL BALL – Removing the human from the equation: Computer generated art and music

ANDROID DREAMS – A Computer’s Guide to Self Expression

…and so much more!

Hope to see you at GORF!

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