microM8 now supports large volumes (HDV, 2MG, 800K PO)

But everyone needs to download a new build from the download page...

You can now use “Smartport”-based large volume images with microM8 (HDV, 2MG and 800K PO), via the file catalog or drag-and-drop. We’ve also uploaded a variety of images to the built-in cloud library including Pitch Dark, 4am’s Infocom text-adventure compendium (which was the reason for the feature update)…

Don’t forget your towel! Also, don’t forget about “live rewind“… handy for when the Vogons show up!

PS: We broke auto-updating (oops), but it’s good as gold now. However, to get it working again you’ll need to grab a new build from paleotronic.com/microm8/download/

Thanks for playing in the past with microM8, the fun Apple II emulator!

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