Paleotronic Magazine‘s mission is to spread awareness of early electronics, programming and related art, highlight its influence on the modern world, and provide opportunities for learning foundational STEM skills.

To that end, we are looking for submissions that inform, educate and entertain. This includes articles that delve into history while providing modern context, new software or hardware for vintage equipment, practical uses for early technology (in particular, simple electronics projects), and more!


Other potential areas could include:

  • Features on creating graphics (pixelart) or “chiptune”-style music using vintage equipment or emulators. 
  • Learning to code on vintage equipment / emulators, or breakdowns of how new or classic software works.
  • Programs written in vintage programming languages with included modern-day examples of how aspects of these programs would work in Java, Python or C++
  • Early television, radio, video equipment, audio equipment, digital cameras, etc.
  • Using vintage equipment to accomplish modern tasks; eg. C64 on the Internet, etc.
  • Collecting and restoring vintage equipment, or creating “new” vintage-inspired equipment such as MAME cabinets or Raspberry Pi-based emulators.

If you have an idea for a piece that is outside of these areas but fits in the general theme, please pitch it to us, by e-mailing the address below. Contributors get free printed issues of the magazine, and profit sharing arrangements.

We’re also looking for people to do regular columns, such as a Q&A or ongoing series around a particular topic.

Please submit article ideas that you think might be of interest to

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Thank you!